SKIN TO IT Podcast

SKIN TO IT Podcast

Dr. Sandy Skotnicki, Marlo Sutton

Welcome to Skin to It.
Your guide to healthy skin.

Join us on our journey as we uncover the real truth about skincare, health and beauty - and everything in between!

I am board certified dermatologist Dr. Sandy Skotnicki, and author of the best selling book Beyond Soap and along with my best friend, personal stylist and beauty enthusiast Marlo Sutton, we are here to help you navigate the maze that is the beauty industry. If you are listening to this you love skincare and beauty but want trusted answers as well as the latest trends.

Tune in every Thursday on Skin to it for a skincare rendez-vous where we guide through skincare products and advanced cosmetic dermatology, skin-health headlines and the latest beauty trends - as well as controversies. In our episodes, we’ll delve into eco-friendly beauty products & practices, and the secret behind into the science of clean beauty ingredients.

Say goodbye to the noise - you don't want to miss our captivating chats on non-invasive skin treatments and ingredient, natural skincare, skincare routines, and the latest seasonal beauty trends, with guests from the medical, fashion, and beauty industries.

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About Your Hosts

Dr. Skotnicki is a distinguished dermatologist with a deep commitment to skin health and education. With over two decades of experience, she is a sought-after expert in allergic skin diseases, particularly allergic contact dermatitis, sensitive skin and ingredient safety. She is board certified in both Canada and the U.S and is an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto. Dr. Skotnicki is actively involved in research and education, regularly publishing articles and teaching residents and fellows. She is also a passionate public educator, authoring the best-selling book "Beyond Soap: The Real Truth about What You Are Doing to Your Skin and How to Fix It for a Beautiful, Healthy Glow” which has been published in to 4 languages. Dr. Skotnicki's expertise has been featured in numerous publications and media outlets, and she is recognized for her contributions to the field of dermatology.

Marlo Sutton brings over 17 years of experience from Holt Renfrew, where she's dedicated herself to helping women unearth their true elegance. Specializing in all design brands, accessories, cosmetics, and skincare, her passion lies in curating experiences that empower and inspire. Paris holds a special place in her heart, as she spent 13 transformative years there, immersing herself in the city's fashion and beauty scene. Alongside her love for fashion and beauty, Marlo harbors a deep passion for science and medicine, fostering a holistic approach to well-being. Her commitment to excellence drives her to continually refine her craft and stay ahead of industry trends.

About Bioderma

Bioderma is a French dermo-cosmetic brand whose approach to skincare is rooted in Ecobiology, a commitment to preserving the skin's ecosystem by bolstering its natural defenses. It draws on all its expertise in skin biology and ecosystem intelligence to understand all skin types, and to provide a response that is tailored to each skin dysfunction. Bioderma is constantly looking to innovate to offer dermatological solutions inspired by the skin to provide healthy skin for a better life, to everyone. Its claim to fame? The groundbreaking invention of micellar water technology and its iconic product, Sensibio H20, almost 30 years ago.

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Questions & Answers

How many episodes are there of SKIN TO IT Podcast?

There are 5 episodes avaiable of SKIN TO IT Podcast.

What is SKIN TO IT Podcast about?

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Where can you listen to SKIN TO IT Podcast?

SKIN TO IT Podcast is available, among others places, on:

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When did SKIN TO IT Podcast start?

The first episode of SKIN TO IT Podcast that we have available was released 15 March 2024.

Who creates the podcast SKIN TO IT Podcast?

SKIN TO IT Podcast is produced and created by Dr. Sandy Skotnicki, Marlo Sutton.