Hannah Says

Hannah Says

Join Hannah for conversations about confidence, self-love, society, and everything in between. Hannah is known for her non-judgmental advice, inspirational stories and sarcastic sense of humour. She has inspired hundreds of women all over the world to stop giving a f*ck what others think, and live life confidently and authentically. When Hannah was in high school, she was diagnosed with a chronic illness that changed her life forever. She spent years grappling with poor body image and low-self esteem, while constantly letting her insecurities stop her from being her authentic self. Just like so many women out there, she was afraid of judgement and felt shame for who she was. But underneath all of that doubt, she knew there was something more out there. After overcoming an eating disorder, starting a powerlifting journey, and surviving an organ-removal surgery, Hannah found herself underneath the struggle.Now, Hannah helps people unlearn the narratives that are holding them back, and guide them to find who they really are so they can live their lives confidently and authentically.

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