Going Against the Grain

Going Against the Grain

Farnaz Dar

Have you ever asked yourself, What if I just went ahead and did what I wanted??
As the eldest daughter of a South Asian home, doing what I wanted meant first,
considering what everyone else wanted! And every decision went through the ever
present filter of "What would people think!?" I know every culture has their
version of that...but I swear Desis live by it!!
Growing up, I stuck to the script of what was expected of me...I was respectful,
reliable, and polite.

But truthfully, that was just because
I didn't have the guts to go against the grain...which eventually led to a bit of
resentment of having to live to please everyone else!

But when I recognized that God had given me the tools to live in a way that felt
fulfilled and truthful, I decided that I couldn't care what anyone else thought!
Case in point...I stayed in a marriage way, way longer than I should have only
because that was what was expected of me! But I wasn't about to live the next 20
years the way I had lived the last 20!
So, I ended that marriage and focused on me!
I grew my "very non-Pakistani" cleaning and organizing business and launched
another business that focused on fennel seed mixes that are a staple in South Asian
homes! Hey, not all of us are going to be doctors and IT experts!!
I started actually BELIEVING the positive things people have said to me over the
years and ignored the voices that were more concerned about what others thought!
And it was liberating and empowering and freeing!
I created this podcast for-
All of those men and women who have heard “What will people think?” their
whole life and have decided that they really don't care!
On this podcast
We'll meet some really cool, interesting men and women who've stepped out of
the cultural or familial expectations that were put upon them and are living
We will talk about
what society expected them to be and what they, themselves decided they would
It's not always easy to step outside the box, but it makes for a great story when
you do!

I AM your host:

Farnaz Dar and this is the "Going Against the Grain” podcast.

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Questions & Answers

How many episodes are there of Going Against the Grain?

There are 33 episodes avaiable of Going Against the Grain.

What is Going Against the Grain about?

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Where can you listen to Going Against the Grain?

Going Against the Grain is available, among others places, on:

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When did Going Against the Grain start?

The first episode of Going Against the Grain that we have available was released 9 May 2023.

Who creates the podcast Going Against the Grain?

Going Against the Grain is produced and created by Farnaz Dar.