Our top 4 Canadian casino podcasts

Thanks to the digital space, podcasts have become a popular way to reach an audience through different categories. Canadian casinos are also now one of the regular topics covered in various podcasts. In this article, we list five of the top Canadian podcasts that discuss gambling and online casinos in depth.

Casino Eh!

First on our list is a podcast called Casino Eh! This podcast is hosted by a panel of industry experts and takes you on a thrilling journey through the diverse land of Canadian gaming. The sessions often include Canadian regulations, new casinos and slots launched, and even comprehensive reviews of various regulated Canadian casinos. The experts have a broad range of casino knowledge between them, and we always find their podcast a most entertaining show.

You will also find a mix of humour that is entertaining and informative at the same time. Added to this, you will also hear the odd heated discussion when opinions differ.


Poker North Strong

Poker North Strong is one of the top Canadian podcasts aimed at poker players. Hosted by professional players and industry experts, it covers a range of topics, from advanced poker strategies and tournament analyses to interviews with renowned Canadian poker players.

The podcast is all about building a sense of community among Canadian poker players. Expect lively discussions about local poker events, updates on the Canadian poker scene and insights into building a successful poker career.

With content suitable for both poker beginners and professionals, Poker North Strong provides a comprehensive look into the world of Canadian poker and the mental games of bluffing between top Canadian poker players.

Listeners can enjoy jolly dialogues on several poker games in and around town, gaming news in Canada, and tips and strategies around all aspects of the game of poker.

Betting on the Maple

This is a podcast especially for sports bettors in Canada. Hosted by sports analysts, betting experts and occasional guests from the sports industry, this podcast covers everything, from the latest odds and game predictions to discussions about the impact of Canadian sports events on the betting market.

Betting on the Maple doesn't stop at traditional sports; it also explores the popular world of esports betting, providing insight into this rapidly growing industry. With a focus on Canadian-friendly sportsbooks and a commitment to responsible gambling practices, this podcast keeps its listeners entertained with talks about everything from the latest odds, game predictions and effects of Canadian sports events on the betting markets.

Canadian Casino Chronicles

For those gamblers who crave more than just tips and strategies, the Canadian Casino Chronicles podcast offers a unique approach to exploring the casino world. This podcast shares stories from both players and industry insiders, from legendary wins and epic fails to behind-the-scenes glimpses into the casino industry. Each episode is a different, true story.

It also looks into the history of Canadian casinos, highlighting iconic moments, legendary players and the evolution of gambling culture in Canada. With a mix of storytelling and expert analysis, the podcast provides a holistic view of the Canadian casino experience, making it a must-listen for anyone interested in the cultural and historical aspects of gambling in Canada.

Moreover, social science and narratives are combined, creating a balance that broadens the listener’s view of how recreational gambling in Canada has contributed to the social structure of the country.

Why should you listen to casino podcasts?

It doesn't matter if you are into traditional casino games, slots, poker or sports betting, or if you want to hear about the important turning points in the gambling world – these podcasts will help you learn more or be entertained even if you are not a gambler.

As a result of informative hosts and useful tips given by experts, people of different skill levels can learn the various casino games from scratch and pick up tips and strategies just by listening to the various podcasts.

So, there you have it, folks! The top five Canadian casino podcasts for a chit-chat about dice, cards, slots and all things gambling. No AI scripts here, just good ol' conversation. Plug in those headphones, hit play and let the real talk begin.

You never know – you may learn so much by listening to these podcasts that you could be the next guest invited to discuss your game of choice!