Canada's Favorite Sport: Our Favorite Hockey Podcasts

It's no secret that we Canadians love ice hockey. It's our national sport and one where our teams dominate. So, as we approach the Stanley Cup playoffs, there's no better time to dive into some of the best hockey podcasts!


We’ve got a whole slew of recommendations on the site, so choosing the best ones took determination. However, we’re super happy with the selection we’ve come up with. Whether you want to tune in and listen to famous characters from the sport, catch up on any games you might have missed, or even score a few betting tips, there's a podcast on our list.


Let's kick off with a podcast recommendation brought to you by two of the biggest names in the game.


Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast


If you're looking for commentary from two of the best-known guys in the game, then look no further. The Ray & Dregs podcast brings together experts Ray Ferraro and Darren Dreger. Together they cover all of the current hockey events, giving their opinions and personal analysis of what's happening, as well as inviting players to give their thoughts.


The podcast is bursting with good info but delivered in a way that doesn't make it feel like hard work. The duo has personalities that work brilliantly together, injecting humor into every anecdote and snippet. Those who are into sports betting won't necessarily find tips, but there's a stack of insider information that can really help you to form opinions on which teams are playing their best. For example, last week's episode took a deep dive into the teams who the duo believe will take the Stanley Cup, and looking at the NHL Stanley Cup odds, they're not far from the mark. When the bookmakers agree with the podcasters, you can be sure you're getting good insider info.


Locked on NHL Podcast


Next up is the Locked-On NHL Podcast. For big listeners, this one is perfect as it's released daily. It covers literally everything that's going on in the NGL, including the biggest news, analysis of the games, and a smattering of insider snippets. Each day of the week is hosted by someone different but expect to hear from famous names such as Ross Letivan, Mike DiStefano, Rachel Donner, and plenty more. We actually have a complete weekly roster on our rundown of the podcast.


It's well worth tuning in to the bi-weekly women's hockey updates. It's a huge shame that relatively few podcasts offer insight into this side of the sport, but the Locked-on NHL podcast does a good enough job to make up for it! Erica L. Alaya is the woman in charge of this coverage, and she always manages to pick out the most exciting stories from the sport.


32 Thoughts


If you're looking for a more in-depth podcast than the Locked-on NHL podcast, then 32 Thoughts is a solid choice. This podcast offers longer (usually weekly) episodes, allowing you to really sink into your listening. Like many of the podcasts on this list, it covers the main stories from the world of the NHL, inviting experts to weigh in on certain topics and offer their own unique insights.


Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek are the hosts, so you know all of the coverage is information you can trust. Thanks to their extensive industry experience, they manage to strike the perfect balance between taking a deep dive into stories, without becoming… dare we say it, boring. Whether you're a diehard fan, or just getting interested in the sport, 32 Thoughts offers a fun and mind-expanding weekly listen.




If you aren't an Oilers fan, then you might want to look away now! Oilersnation made it to our list, as the only podcast dedicated to one team in particular. As well as being a love letter to the Edmonton Oilers, this podcast covers all kinds of topics from the world of competitive hockey. You'll find news and analysis, mixed in with coverage of Oilers games and the opinions of both fans and experts.


If you're after a non-biased opinion on the world of hockey, this probably isn't it. However, if you're an Oilers fan who wants insight into how the team is actually doing in the grand scheme of things, you could do much worse than Oilersnation. The format is easy to listen to, and the input from fans really sets this pod apart from the others.


Don Cherry's Grapevine Podcast


Don Cherry: you either love him or you hate him. This larger-than-life personality is famous in the hockey world for his big opinions and love of controversy. He strides right into the mouth of the beast, seemingly never afraid to share his true thoughts on things. For us, he's excellent. We never tire of tuning into his podcast, where he shares a blend of news, commentary, and sometimes just truly excellent anecdotes.


He's often accompanied by his son, Tim Cherry, who tends to provide a more balanced view of what's going on in the NGL. If you love the history of the sport, then this is one of the best podcasts out there. Taking a trip down memory lane with one of hockey's greats is a real treat.

 man wearing green and white ice hockey jersey while playing